World Leading windows-based software packages for Mine ventilation, cooling and environment control

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World leading windows-based software packages for mine ventilation, cooling and environment control. Applicable to a full variety of underground mining methods.

VUMA-3D products are based on current research and development and use state-of-art procedures and technology. All VUMA-3D algorithms have been verified in recent work and over a development period of some two decades. VUMA-3D represents a significant knowledge-base and is a major step-forward on past software, from both technical and user-friendly perspectives.

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VUMA-3D in the news

VUMA-3D network 2.0 offers new mine ventilation control capabilities

An agreement has been signed between VUMA and Mine Ventilation Services Inc [MVS] to make the VnetPC and VUMA-3D software packages compatible and to mutually support development of even further enhanced software. The interface will facilitate the thermodynamic simulation in VUMA-3D network of VnetPC models as well as allowing fire simulations to be carried out in MineFire from VUMA-3D.

3D simulation software package for mine ventilation

BBE Consulting donates R3 million VUMA-3D software to Wits School of Mines

VUMA revamps mine-ventilation software package

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